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Health Management

Integrated Intervention

-Targeted Immunity Improvement

The immune system determines our body’s resistance to diseases and viruses, and our mental status, and affects all organs and systems in the body. Therefore, the immune system is an important factor contributing to our physiological age.


  • Physical weakness, malnutrition, listlessness, fatigue, anorexia, bad sleep
  • Recurrent cold, tonsillitis, asthma, bronchitis, pneumonitis, diarrhea, etc


  • Therapy-related consultation by experts
  • Special laboratory test on immunity 
  • Immune formula infusion with the characteristics of Imperial Springs Health (twice)
  • Endo-laser (three wavelengths, twice)
  • Colon hydrotherapy (intestinal cleansing)
  • Improvement of intestinal immune flora (supplemented by oral medication)
  • Ozone therapy (small amount)
  • Comprehensive result interpretation

-Treatment results

  • Improving overall immunity
  • Enhancing blood circulation, and enhancing the immunity of blood cells, thereby improving body immunity
  • Treating immunodeficiency diseases, chronic inflammatory diseases, and chronic muscular pain