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Health Management

Precise Screening

-Integrated Deep Precise Screening

For the Centre, comprehensive screening means that we will create a digital avatar,  will establish a 3D or 4D model for the customer’s bodies and systems, simulate his/her future health, and take necessary corrective actions.

-Services of Precise Screening

Joint consultation by Chinese and German physicians, and customization of examination items

Laboratory testing: liver, kidney and thyroid functions, blood sugar, blood lipids, multiple tumor markers, microbiology, heavy metals, food intolerance

Testing of susceptibility genes for cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, and common tumors, intestinal flora

Instrument examinations: MR, CT, molybdenum target mammography, ultrasound, capsule endoscopy, painless gastroscopy, etc

Cardiovascular function test and evaluation

Risk assessment of common tumors and diseases

Result interpretation by a multi-disciplinary expert team, and development of individualized solutions

Lifestyle evaluation and guidance: dietary behavior, dietary structure, smoking, drinking, exercise, mentality, sleep, living environment, etc

Establishing personal health profile

Individualized following-up by exclusive health butlers