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Health Management

Integrated Intervention

-Blood Quality Repair

The blood is a means of transport of the body, and substances carried by the blood are determined by our lifestyle, diet and other factors. 

The Imperial Springs Center for Health Management connects the blood circulation system of the body with the instrument directly using the blood lipids-toxin filter method as a closed system for detoxification, thereby reducing harmful residues in blood vessels, improving the oxygen transport capacity of the body, replenishing substances that are insufficient in our blood system for whatever reason, and improving our vitality.


  • Obesity, poor blood metabolism and other sub-healthy problems
  • Hereditary hyperlipidemia and hypertension
  • High hyperlipidemia and blood viscosity
  • Intolerance to lipid-lowering drugs, or poor blood lipid control after maximum dose medication (except ACE inhibitors for fatty liver and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases)


  • Therapy-related consultation by experts
  • Quick allergy test
  • Preparation for blood purification
  • In-vitro restoration (3-5 hours)
  • Ozone therapy (large amount)
  • Nutrition infusion (individualized)
  • Diet plan guided by nutritionists
  • Exercise plan guided by exercise specialists 
  • Comprehensive result interpretation

  • -Treatment results

    • Removing excessive lipid, cholesterol, inflammatory factors and toxic compounds from the blood
    • Reducing the probability of myocardial infarction
    • Improving immunity and protecting body organs
    • Preventing body vascular arteriosclerosis and strokes
    • Mitigating chronic diseases (diabetes, gout, fatty liver)