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Member's Privilege

Member's Privilege

-Service Process




Imperial Springs Membership includes such services as in-depth diagnosis, 24-hour health butler service, face-to-face consultation by Chinese and foreign experts, personalized intervention and dynamic monitoring, and covers three levels, namely individuals, families and enterprises. Therefore, the health management services you enjoy will also benefit your family and friends.

Butler Service



Based on analysis of the clients’ medical history, family history, and real-time health status, we will specifically designate health experts and provide 24-hour one-on-one health consultation and management services for you so as to truly enjoy personalized health management.

Face-to-Face Consultation by Experts



Imperial Springs Health brings together excellent experts and professional health service teams in various health fields such as international naturopathy, physiology of sport and exercise, nutrition, psychology, etc. Chinese and foreign experts will conduct a joint consultation up to one hour to obtain an in-depth understanding of clients’ mental, psychological, physiological states and other aspects.

Precise Screening



In possession of Siemens dual-source Force CT, enhanced 3.0T MRI, the first dual-suspension 3D robot in Asia and other top medical facilities, it will offer ultra-high definition image quality which is conducive to precise screening of blood vessels, nerves, tumors, etc. and even more, and makes it possible to screen millimeter-level hidden diseases in an ultra-early stage.

Record Keeping



Health records will cover personal habits, medical history, family medical history, checkup results, etc., for the reference of doctors and health consultation team. These records can provide doctors with the most useful personal information as fast as possible in face of illnesses. 

Risk Assessment



By accessing clients’ health records, evaluating health risks for customers, identifying their health risk factors and taking into account the characteristics of their life, diet, work, sports, and mental state, personalized health management program can be formulated for the customers to reduce their risk of disease occurrence.

Personalized Intervention



For sub-healthy status and clients’ possible health risks, Imperial Springs Health provides German naturopathic therapy, traditional Chinese medicine, sports, psychology, sleep, and other intervention and treatment means to prevent diseases and improve life quality as much as possible.

Health Instructions



Many people have a cognitive blind spot in understanding chronic diseases and sub-health. With professional instructions from health butlers, clients can fully understand and develop the right way of living and behavior, and thus keep healthy as much as possible.

Dynamic Monitoring



After intervention and treatment, the implementation of health management program for the client will be monitored continuously to detect problems arising from the implementation process and assist the client with solutions in a timely manner, and enhance the implementation efficiency of the health management program, so as to maximize the effectiveness of health management.