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Health Management

Top-class Equipment

Enhanced 3.0T Magnetic Resonance (MR)

Applied mainly to malignant tumors, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system 

-Top equipment for scientific research

It is in the first batch of high-end equipment serving world-class research institutions, including the Brain Program of the National Academy of Sciences, United States.

-Extremely high definition imaging

Magnetic field uniformity that is 5 times that of conventional 3.0T means that image definition is 5 times that of conventional 3.0T. With extremely high image quality and images that are well defined after magnified at a high multiple, it is good for the precise screening of blood vessels, nerves, tumors, etc.

-Ultra silence and quick testing

With a shorter testing time that is only 1/3 of that of like equipment and ultra silence, it makes the examination process more comfortable.