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Electronic Gastrointestinal Endoscope CV-290

-Clear examination results

It is the most advanced system in the digestive endoscopy field that uses the latest optical digital technology and is the golden standard for diagnosing digestive tract diseases with clear results.

-Early screening and timely solution

It can help physicians observe micro tissues and hidden lesions on the inner wall of the digestive tract more clearly and accurately, identify lesions accurately and quickly, and excise gastrointestinal polyps and early-stage malignant tumors under an endoscope directly and fully, avoiding the pain of surgery.

-Improved comfort

It uses the most advanced painless gastroscopic diagnosis and treatment technology and completes examination and treatment easily during a nap of several minutes. In addition, it realizes early detection, confirmation, treatment, and rehabilitation, and ensures timely and accurate diagnosis and treatment for patients who are afraid of endoscopy..