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Health Management

Precision screening

-Dual Source Force CT

The unique dual -source structural design of Siemens is suitable for the high-definition examination of all systems of the body. In particular, it has great advantages in the screening of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and can display the stenosis of vascular cavities and the nature of plaques on vascular walls and congenital variations clearly and noninvasively.

-Fast imaging

It realizes multi-organ imaging in 1s, eliminating the need of waiting, while traditional cardiac examination by CT requires the taking of relevant drugs and waiting for 1h until the heart rate is controlled before examination. 

-Low radiation

It completes whole-lung screening at the radiation dosage of a chest radiograph, which is lower than that of a long-distance flight. (Reference: The radiation dosage of a long-distance flight is equivalent to 2-3 chest radiographs.)

-Intelligent analysis

It not only detects the lesion position but analyzes the lesion composition noninvasively, such as checking if the cardiac muscle is ischemic, displaying the cardiac calcification components and active components of tumors, testing gout and displaying its components, etc.